Innovative Design

As vapers we understand how awkward vaping can be, so we decided to design this device around you. In short, it’s quick, simple, easy to use, all at the click of a button and tastes great.

Smooth Airflow

Designed to deliver the absolute best flavour using a smart airflow system to give you the best amount of vapour, making your first vape just as good as your last.

Easy To Switch Flavours

It’s as simple as inserting a new pod, waiting one minute for it prime and then vape. Designed so you can vape your way, you can simply change the pods, hassle-free, whenever you like, to whatever you like.

No Leaks

They told us it can’t be done, all pods leak, but we loved our clothing and decided to make the impossible, possible! So unlike other pod devices, you won’t experience any leaking when keeping your device in your pockets, keeping your clothes clean and pristine.

Longer lasting battery

Most pod devices come with small batteries that won’t last a full day, this means you’ll need to buy accessories such as battery packs, our device is designed to last so you don’t need to worry about cravings.

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We have designed the airflow of the pod device to never give you a “tight draw”, meaning you get the maximum amount of flavour possible from each vape you take. 

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