Last month we introduced our first ever disposable vape device, the IVG Bar, to the world! After years of development, the IVG Bar has been dubbed a next-generation device and with it selling out in minutes of its release, we can see why.

This month we are bringing you 6 more delicious flavours to the IVG Bar range, from old-school classic tastes to flavours bursting with energy! The new range includes, Peach Rings, Raspberry Lemonade, Fuji Apple Melon, Strawberry Raspberry Pink Apple, Red Energy Ice and Raspberry Orange Mix. We know much you enjoyed our other IVG Bar flavours, including the iconic Strawberry Watermelon flavour and our legendary Aloe Grape Ice flavour, so we know these will be flavours you love.

Each bar is pre-filled with our award-winning 20mg premium e-liquids and is designed to last you up to 600 puffs, ideal for those moments you want to target that quit-smoking crave. The IVG Bar is ready to use straight out of the packet, making it a great pocket size, hassle-free device. It also comes equipped with a 500 MAH battery, perfect for those of you on the go as there is no need to worry about your vape device running out of battery or forgetting your e-liquid whilst you’re out on the move.

Try one for yourself, explore all of our brand new flavours below.

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