Frozen Cherries Salts

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Indulge in a combination of freshly handpicked red cherries, splashed with a blast of crushed ice, giving you a sweet and icy burst of flavour.

11 reviews for Frozen Cherries Salts

  1. Shannon Sly

    Good flavour would definitely recommend

  2. Lewis Glaves

    Amazing taste

  3. dcaplen51

    Looking forward to trying this one

  4. ChrisM

    Great flavour, would recommend

  5. Ian Foat

    Best cherry salt ❤️

  6. M Towers

    Totally love this flavour

  7. Harrygrana

    Top 3 flavours iv vaped. Good flavour blend

  8. M Towers

    Would recommend

  9. Claire Rebecchi

    Would recommend

  10. Lewis Glaves

    Good flavour would recommend

  11. Zac Casey

    One of the best cherry salts I have ever tried!

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