IVG Bar Berry Lemonade Ice

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Packed full of flavour

A cool combination of vibrant berries mixed with a lemonade tang and a hint of ice on the exhale.

20 reviews for IVG Bar Berry Lemonade Ice

  1. EEYORE_79

    Delicious Mix of flavours very refreshing

  2. Benjamin

    Absolutely delicious, started with the elf bars then my partner got these and every single flavour we’ve tried so far has been amazing. Except for the mango lychee… Lychee is just too musky in a vape but that’s my opinion. Overall amazing product and these are now my replacement for cigarettes so best vape out there

  3. Andrea Severn

    Spot on in flavour

  4. Tiffanie French

    The flavour is amazing. Love it

  5. yakov

    Delicious flavour and very good quality!

  6. danocashell

    Not what I expected but still very nice would recommend

  7. adele4321


  8. David Cullen

    This one surprised me, I would have never expected the fizz of lemonade to come out of a vape and the berry flavour is expertly blended.

  9. Jacqueline Milligan

    Flavours are spot on

  10. Jacqueline Milligan

    Absolutely the best product …flavours are amazing

  11. Jacqueline Milligan

    Absolutely packed full of flavour

  12. Jacqueline Milligan

    My favourite flavour…Great product too

  13. Jacqueline Milligan

    Great product…love the flavours too

  14. Jacqueline Milligan

    Great product…flavours are spot on

  15. Jacqueline Milligan

    Great flavour..Great product

  16. Jacqueline Milligan

    Great flavour…Great product

  17. Jacqueline Milligan

    Great flavours …Great product

  18. cliffst3rz

    Great taste i love it. always like the lemonade ones and with the added berry this is Great

  19. Louise Cruickshank

    I dont usually do lemonade flavours but this is an exception, the berry is so powerful and flavoursome that the lemon isn’t able to overtake the flavour of the vape and instead compliments the berries just beautifully

  20. Yana South

    This flavour really does taste like a berry lemonade you can taste the fizz literally on you tongue. 100% recommend

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