IVG Bar Plus + Blue Rush Ice

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Packed full of flavour

Enjoy the electric taste of your favourite energy drink, combined with a cooling sensation on the exhale.

8 reviews for IVG Bar Plus + Blue Rush Ice

  1. kevin borthwick

    Brilliantly flavoured

  2. Paul Sutton

    Very nice tasting and worth a try

  3. rmellie1981

    Nice juice box

  4. yakov

    good flavour really refreshing

  5. Paul Sutton

    These vapes are fantastic and you do not have to charge them so it’s a brucey bonus!

  6. Ethan

    Best bar ever highly recommend

  7. michelle barron

    Really enjoyed this one from start to finish! Sweet energy drink flav with just a touch of ice.

  8. hollymurray40

    Super cool flavour – really refreshing and stopped me drinking so many energy drinks as this flavour does the trick. Long lasting battery too!

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