IVG Bar Plus + Strawberry Watermelon

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Packed full of flavour

A summer sensation you won’t want to put down, with the sweet taste of watermelon slices paired with handpicked strawberries fresh from the field.

17 reviews for IVG Bar Plus + Strawberry Watermelon

  1. timprice358277

    Great fresh flavour. More flavour than expected

  2. timprice358277

    Very nice. Much more flavour than I was expecting

  3. Makksu

    Pretty good.

  4. Situl Shah

    Really goog flavouring

  5. Paul Sutton

    These are very smooth long-lasting and you do not have to charge them

  6. Tiffanie French

    Smokes and tastes amazing

  7. Tiffanie French

    Tastes amazing love it

  8. Leanne Cooper

    Amazing how you can taste both flavours. Good hit of watermelon with the sweet strawberry notes. As always stocked full of flavour

  9. yakov

    delicious flavour and very good quality!

  10. [email protected]

    Fantastic flavour, these two flavours work so well absolutely delicious

  11. michelle barron

    Really could vape this til the cows come home! My absolute favourite of them all!! Sweet strawberry & mouthwatering Watermelon.

  12. a01020304

    Taste just like a watermellon with just a hint of strawberry, its like smoking the real thing

  13. Ethan Edwards

    Amazing flavour combination and a sleek design i recommend everyone try it

  14. jordanpooley

    By far the best flavor!

  15. jordanpooley

    Amazing flavor, by far the best!

  16. Vape__masta

    Wow this is just lush deffo one for keeps

  17. Stewart Purdy

    My favourite, tasty strawberry with mouthwatering watermelon makes this pairing a match made in heaven

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