IVG Bar Peach Rings

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Packed full of flavour

Mouth-watering peaches combined with an extra sweet kick, an old school classic sweet flavour.

33 reviews for IVG Bar Peach Rings

  1. sammoon_123

    Great flavour

  2. Stephanie Woodburn

    Would definitely order again it’s lovely and flavourful x

  3. Leah Wallace

    Amazing flavour!

  4. Sheena Mills


  5. Sheena Mills


  6. Sheena Mills


  7. Sheena Mills


  8. Sheena Mills

    Would have again

  9. Sheena Mills

    Would order again

  10. Sheena Mills

    Worth the money

  11. Sheena Mills


  12. Sheena Mills


  13. Sheena Mills

    Full of flavour

  14. kris

    Great flavour

  15. Lily Ellender

    So good

  16. Lily Ellender

    So good flavour lasts all the way through

  17. Charlotte Ball

    So tasty

  18. Abdullah Daya

    Great little product. I’m a heavy user and it lasts me around a day n a half. Great taste as always like all their products.

  19. Leah Wallace

    My favourite sweets & now my favourite vape!

  20. a01020304

    Taste perfect and very moreish

  21. adele4321

    What a fantastic flavour

  22. adele4321


  23. adele4321

    I have found these very good for giving up

  24. Kay Saunders

    Amazing flavour, you get flavour till the very end on eof my favourites

  25. hannah.hood

    Really great taste and smooth

  26. Leon

    Unreal how tasty this vape is! I’m curious if they sell a juice for this? Does anybody know?

  27. cliffst3rz

    The best peach flavour i have ever tried such a nice all day vape

  28. Lee-ann

    Great Candy Peach flavour, really tasty!! Highly recommended trying it!

  29. [email protected]

    wow what a flavour, reminds me of the peach ring sweets as a kid

  30. Richard Cliff

    Propper Tasty this one if you like peach then you need this its awesome

  31. fiona whamond

    Wow I really can’t get enough of the peach rings, takes me back to my childhood, smooth juicy peach candy, lush

  32. Gavin haddow

    Amazing device, small and compact but don’t let that fool you…it definitely packs a punch, the peach is absolutely delicious I couldn’t put it down and finished it in a day

  33. graham osbourne

    peach rings fantastic flavour through out the flavour it self is spot on
    id totally recommend to anyone who wants to quit smoking

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