Tips To Quit Smoking

Choose The Right Nicotine Strength

Work out how many cigarettes you smoke a day then compare that to how much nicotine you need, generally we find;

Light smokers 1-5 cigarettes a day
We advise to try 3mg e-liquids

Medium smokers 6-10 cigarettes a day
We advise to try 6mg or 9mg e-liquids

Heavy smokers 11+ cigarettes a day
We recommend you try salt nicotine, which you can buy liquids for or use our closed pod system 

Keep Up your Habits

People are creatures of habit so maintaining what you currently do is vital for trying to quit. For example instead of going outside for a cigarette, continue to go outside but instead have a vape, that way you still hear any gossip your colleagues are talking about, you can rest your eyes, stretch your legs or just simply get some fresh air.

Identify & Avoid Your Triggers

Avoid as much as possible what makes you want a cigarette, some examples of these are below but everyone is different.

  • Being around people who you usually smoke with
  • Having a drink of alcohol
  • Keep active to avoid thinking of smoking

Remember The Benefits

  • Nice smelling vapor
  • It tastes amazing
  • There’s a much lower health risk according to reputable sources
  • It costs far less

Remember Why You Are Quitting

If it’s for your own personal health, because of a family member or any other reason, everytime you think of going back to smoking, remember why you’re quitting.

Don’t Forget To Celebrate

Set yourself some milestones and then dance and sing about them when you achieve them! Example below!

1 week without smoking – write about it on social media

1 month without smoking – treat yourself to something new

6 months without smoking – start planning a holiday

12 months without smoking – you should now have saved enough money from switching to vaping to actually go on holiday!


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